About SJ Elite Bulldogs

Fully licensed breeders, top bloodlines, a caring family environment, years of experience….read on

Family Environment

Our dogs are well catered for in the warm and friendly environment of our home

Family Values

As a family ran business, we both grew up with our parents breeding dogs

Play Time

We keep our dogs not only physically fit but mentally stimulated too with disciplined fun!

Easy Payment Terms

An understanding of your financial requirements with manageable payment terms available

bespoke breeding, bespoke pricing

Our Pricing Policy

We don’t have set pricing for our dogs. This is because we treat each puppy individually which means responsible breeding which in turn results in each puppy having different needs and requirements throughout the breeding process.

We have set rates for delivering your puppy and the costings of the induction pack, but we let each puppy run it’s own course in terms of breeding costs. So while our prices (available upon enquiry) are affordable, they all differ from puppy to puppy

Ask about our easy payment terms

payment terms bespoke top your needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any after sales service?

Yes, we are always here for any post purchase questions.

Do you deliver?

Yes. With full insurance for your puppy during transport and delivered by ourselves to ensure maximum comfort for your precious cargo. There will be an added charge for time and milage though.

Do you breed any other type of dog?

Occasionally, yes.

Could we collect at a weekend?

Yes, but as with viewing, this is by appointment only.

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